Protect your Data


Protect your information and your family

In this time of mass surveillance and hacking a sensible person should take steps to secure their privacy and the privacy of their families, businesses, and data.

HideMyId has gathered together the best resource’s on the web to enable you to do this.

Using these programs is 100% legal at the moment but with the way things are going it might not always be the case.

The most basic protection you can have is to use a VPN (Virtual Private Network). This is what the government and big businesses use to secure their internal communications. A VPN works by making one connection between your computer and the VPN server which is encrypted, and all your traffic (web browsing, chat, filesharing, etc ) is routed from the VPN.

This prevents your ISP (Internet Service Provider) from knowing where you have been. The only information they get is the fact that you logged into a VPN. The fact that the traffic is encrypted is useful if for example you are out on an unfamiliar wireless network with your laptop, because your traffic cannot be easily ‘sniffed’ (recorded)  with a program like Wireshark.

Good VPN services delete traffic records daily and offer a variety of countries to break out from. This is useful if for example you want to watch a live football match which is only available in one country and you are in another country. They work by installing a piece of software on your machine that allows you to log into the VPN, once logged in all traffic then goes through the VPN connection.
Higher level protection can be achieved by having your own VPN server attached to another VPN, accessed by virtual machines that are deleted after use, All done through the Tor network and paid for with bitcoin.